Contracting Officer's Representative Training Overview

Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs) are qualified individuals appointed to assist in the technical surveillance and administration of a contract. COR templates, training requirements and slides, lessons learned, and other materials are provided to assist with all COR related functions.

Contracting Officer's Representative Symposium Training Overview

This section addresses COR roles and responsibilities and key aspects of contract quality surveillance for first-time as well as experienced CORs.

Nominations & Responsibilities

This section provides guidance for understanding the nomination process for a Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), including required qualifications, training and responsibilities. A trained and qualified COR must be nominated and approved prior to award of any service contract.

Contracting Tools

Here are many tools and resources to help fulfill your responsibilities as a COR. Here you will find access and training for electronic systems for contract management throughout the procurement process including security forms, Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF), WAWF training and FAQs.