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The Procurement Process

The procurement process is used to buy necessary items or services to fulfill a requirement. This includes everything from identifying the need, conducting market research and preparing required documentation to contract award and post-award administration.

Procurement Process Overview

Here you can examine the procurement process step by step and learn more about what each phase entails.

Early communication in the acquisition cycle is imperative to on-time contract awards. PK has developed an early communication meeting called SMART START (Successful Management of Acquisitions and Requirements Through Scheduling, Training, Assigning, Reporting, and Tracking). Some of topics covered in SMART START include the following:

• Project Overview
• Requirements Package Development
• Deliverables
• Acquisition Phases & Milestones

After you have coordinated with your respective PK Execution Division Branch Chief, please contact the Requirements Outreach and Planning Point of Contact 90 days prior to a scheduled SMART START for requirements estimated to exceed $10M in total contract value.

Requirements Directorate
Outreach & Planning
Stephanie A. Snyder, Stephanie.A.Snyder10.civ@mail.mil

Internal Acquisition Process

The milestones are broken into three phases with entry and exit criteria. A phase must be completed and approved prior to entering into another phase. The requirements activity should always be prepared to enter the next phase. The phased approach which will be the process utilized for all new/follow-on contracts, modifications, extensions, and bridge contracts. The table below outlines entry and exit criteria for each phase.

Phase Description Entry Criteria - Requirements Activity Exit Criteria - PK

Development of initial program documentation

Market Research Report, Justification and Approval documentation, Acquisition Strategy/Acquisition Strategy Panel, Industry Days, Request for Information, and Sources Sought

Approval of the Market Research Report, Justification and Approval document, Acquisition Strategy, and Acquisition Strategy Panel


Solicitation Development

All other applicable documents such as Statement of Work or Performance Work Statement, Independent Government Cost Estimate, Section 508 Determination, Determination and Findings for Inherently Government Functions. This list is not all inclusive; contact your Contract Specialist for specific items needed for your requirement.

Issue Solicitation


Evaluation & Award

Receipt and evaluation of Proposals

Contract Award


Generate Requirements
Finding out which documentation is required to request a purchase. For more information: go to Requirement Package page.

Submit Procurement Request
Placing your request to purchase supplies or services. Defense Agencies Initiative.

Develop Solicitation
Creating a solicitation. Solicitations are a request to vendors to provide proposals and quotes. Solicitations greater than $25,000 will be posted by the DHRA/PK to FedBizOpps, unless it is an order against a Federal Supply Schedule.

Evaluate Proposals
Analyzing vendors' proposals and quotes to fulfill a requirement. Note: A technical evaluation will involve the requiring activity.

Award Contract
Giving a contract to a vendor to fulfill a requirement. Note: DHRA/PK is responsible for contract award.

Manage Post-Award Administration
Conducting surveillance of the contract and receiving and accepting goods and services. For more information, go to Contracting Officer's Representative page.

The steps in the procurement process can vary greatly based on the complexity and dollar value. Please refer to the Procurement Action Lead Time memo (insert the memo) to guide you through the milestone of your requirement.

Exercising Option Periods

COR procedures for exercising an option under $1,000,000