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Post-Award Administration

Once a grant or cooperative agreement is awarded, the DHRA Enterprise Operations Center (DEOC) Contracting Directorate (PK) Grants Officer will delegate post-award administration to a Department of Defense (DoD) Administrative Grants Officer (AGO). At the same time, the Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA) component nominates a Program Officer to serve as a liaison between the award recipient and the AGO and DHRA Grants Officer on a day-to-day basis.

Types of Administrative Grants Officers

The DEOC/PK Grants Officer is responsible for determining who will handle post-award administration. An award recipient will work with an AGO through the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). To determine a recipient's AGO, expand the links below:


Responsibilities of Administrative Grants Officers

The primary responsibility of an AGO shall be to advise and assist Grants Officers and recipients prior to and after receiving a grant or cooperative agreement. An AGO will also help ensure that recipients fulfill all requirements in law, regulation, and award terms and conditions.

Other duties of an AGO include the following:

  • Conducting reviews and coordinating reviews, audits, and audit requests.
  • Performing property administration services for government-owned property, and for any property acquired by a recipient, with respect to which the recipient has further obligations to the government.
  • Ensuring timely submission of required reports.
  • Executing administrative closeout procedures.
  • Establishing recipients' indirect cost rates, where the DoD is the cognizant or oversight federal agency with the responsibility for doing so.
  • Performing other administrative functions, such as certifying recipients' payment requests and transmitting approved payment authorizations to payment offices.