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Interagency Acquisitions Overview

An Interagency Acquisition is a procedure by which an agency needing supplies or services (the requesting agency) obtains them from another agency (the servicing agency). The term includes:

  1. Acquisitions under the Economy Act (31 U.S.C. 1535); and
  2. Non-Economy Act acquisitions completed under other statutory authorities, (e.g., General Services Administration Federal Supply Schedules and Government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs)).

The Economy Act provides authority for federal agencies to order goods and services from major organizations within the same agency or other federal agencies and to pay the actual costs of those goods and services. The Congress passed the Act in 1932 to obtain economies of scale and eliminate overlapping activities of the Federal Government. Within the Department, an activity within a DoD Component may place an order for goods or services with (1) another activity within the same DoD Component, (2) another DoD Component (an Intra Service Acquisition), or (3) with another federal agency.

DHRA Enterprise Oprations Center (DEOC) Contracting Directorate (PK) is responsible for review and approval of Interagency and Intra Service Acquisitions. The contents of the request for review and approval is slightly different depending upon whether the servicing agency is within DoD or among the Civilian Agencies. Further, there are differences in the contents of the request if the authority being cited is the Economy Act or Non-Economy Act.

Interagency Acquisition Templates

PK MIPR Pre-Approval Documents/Checklist Template
Contracting Director’s Approval (Off-load Letter) Off-load Letter
Military Interagency Purchase Request (DD Form 448) #: DAI system generated (H98210_ _ _ _ _) DD Form 448
Best Procurement Approach (1-C) / Non-Economy Act Best Procurement Approach (1-C-1) 1-C, 1-C-1
Interagency Agreement-Part A and B (Inter-agency) Part A, Part B
DD Form 1144 – For Intra-agency (MOA/MOU) DD Form 1144
Contract/Agreement – Contact Servicing Agency Contracting Officer  
Task Order / Delivery Order - Contact Servicing Contracting Officer  
Market Research Report MR Report
Performance Work Statement (PWS) – For Services Statement of Work (SOW) – For Supplies PWS
Independent Government Cost Estimate(IGCE) IGCE
COR Designation Memo – Contact Servicing Agency Contracting Officer Nomination Memo
Designation Letter
Miscellaneous Memos/Documents/emails (Explain why documents are missing/not available and when documents will be provided) Memo for PK Contracting Officer

Assisted Acquisition Guidance & Instructions

Guidance Reference
Economy & Non-Economy Act Order Guidance FAR 17.5
FMR Vol IIA Chapter 3; FMR Vol IIA Chapter 18
Support Agreement DoD Instruction

DoDI 4000.19

Form 7600 Instructions 7600 Instructions
Interagency Agreement Instructions IA Instructions


Additional Resources
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Additional Information from DPC
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