William H. Booth

Director, DHRA

the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness
(USD(P&R)). In this capacity, he has direct oversight for all
operational activities across the Field Activity’s organizations. Mr. Booth is responsible for DHRA
enterprise-wide planning, programming, resource analysis, operational policy, and operational
execution for the following DHRA organizations:

• Headquarters, DHRA
• DHRA Enterprise Operations Center
• Defense Manpower Data Center
• Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service
• Defense Personnel & Family Support Center
• Defense Travel Management Office
• Defense Language and National Security Education Office
• Defense Suicide Prevention Office
• Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office
• Office of People Analytics
• DoD Office of the Actuary
• Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
• Diversity Management Operations Center
• Combating Trafficking in Persons Program Management Office

Immediately prior to this assignment, Mr. Booth served as the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary
of the Air Force, Management and Assistant Air Force Deputy Chief Management Officer, Pentagon,
Washington, DC. Mr. Booth holds a Masters of Arts in Business Management from Central Michigan
University and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute
of Technology.

Mr. Booth retired from the Air Force after more than 28 years, serving in a wide variety of
positions of increasing responsibility at wing, major command, unified command, and Air Force
headquarters-level, and immediately began his service as a senior executive within Headquarters Air
Force as the Senior Advisor in the Directorate of Manpower and Organization. Subsequently, he
served as the Deputy Director of Manpower and Organization; Deputy Assistant Secretary, Force
Management; Deputy Assistant Secretary, Reserve Affairs; Deputy Director, Air Force Office of
Business Transformation, and Assistant Air Force Deputy Chief
Management Officer.