Online Guide to Security Responsibilities

Download and Installation Instructions

You may wish to print out these instructions. This download is a “zipped” file. After clicking on "Click here to Download" (below), follow instructions on how to save (chose save rather than open from dialog box options), unzip and extract the zipped files. You will need to select the location where the Online Security Guide files will be stored. You will find them in that location in a folder called OSG.

To view these files, open the OSG folder and scroll down to the file index.htm. A double-click on this file opens the Online Security Guide program.

For quick access to this program in the future, you have two options. One is to simply bookmark this URL in your browser. The other is to right-click on index.htm and select Create Shortcut. This creates a new file called Shortcut to index.htm. This file can be renamed Online Security Guide or OSG and then dragged and dropped to any convenient location, such as your Desktop.

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