Welcome to PERSEREC

The Defense Personnel and Security Research Center (PERSEREC) is a Department of Defense entity dedicated to improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and fairness of DoD personnel suitability, security, and reliability systems. PERSEREC is part of the Office of People Analytics (OPA), which is a component of the Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA) under the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness).


To achieve its mission, researchers at PERSEREC:

  • Conduct applied research and development to improve personnel suitability, security, and reliability policy and practice.
  • Conduct long-term programmatic research and development for the human resource management, security, and intelligence communities.
  • Provide quick-response studies and analyses in support of policy formation and systems operation.
  • Disseminate research information to policymakers and practitioners.
  • Develop innovative systems, tools, and job aids for policymakers, managers, and practitioners concerned with personnel suitability, security, and reliability.

The Purpose of this Website:

This site is designed to provide managers, investigators, adjudicators, mental health professionals, educators, and policymakers useful, job-related innovative tools, aids, reports, and other materials that have been generated in the course of carrying out our research programs.

We would appreciate any comments and suggestions that you might offer regarding these products or the utility of this website by contacting us.