Threat Lab Toolkit


Deadlines and Deliverables Card Game
Deadlines and Deliverables is designed to help you and your team learn the value of resilience while you navigate tough challenges, complex tasks and demanding timelines as a team. Start by watching the short introductory video, consult the instruction manual and then print out the cards to play!

Deadlines and Deliverables Introductory Video
Instruction Manual
Instruction Cards
Card Token Printout
Research Note

Novels/Graphic Novels

"Dangerous Disclosure," April 2020
"Digital Discernment," October 2022
Misinformation In the Purple Ridge Mountains: A Navigate Your Fate Story
Research Note: Misinformation In the Purple Ridge Mountains: A Navigate Your Fate Story (Development/Description)


Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover: Recognizing Unconscious Biases
Identity & Values: What Is Organizational Culture?
"Maybe It's Me," Bullying Infographic
"Maybe It's Me," Remote Work Infographic
Overcoming Workplace Toxicity
"Working Together," Building an Infrastructure for Workplace Resilience

Job Aids

Preventing Targeted Violence at your Installation Evaluation Plan (October2023)
Development of a Local-Level Targeted Violence Prevention Program Plan and Evaluation Plan (November 2023)
Data Analysis Workbook for the Insider Threat Community: A Collaborative Workbook (November 2023)
Developing a Data Analysis Plan for the Insider Threat Community (November 2023)
The Threat Lab Professional Development Unit (PDU) Guide (September 2022)
Mitigating Toxic Leadership (July 2022)
Preventing Targeted Violent Attacks: Best Practices for Bystander Intervention (May 2023) Standard Version | Trifold Version
Behavioral Science and Insider Threat Job Aid
Combating Workplace Violence: Guidelines for Employers and Law Enforcement
DOD Personnel and Security Research Center
Ensuring Fairness and Enhancing the Protection of Privacy in Counter-Insider Threat Programs
Espionage and Other Compromises to National Security 1975-2008
Insider Risk Evaluation and Audit Tool
"Maybe It's Me," A Visual Campaign To Encourage Self-Awareness & Self-Improvement in the Workforce
On The Right Track: Worker-on-Worker Violence Prevention
Professionalization Roadmap
Structured Professional Judgment Tool (SPJ) Guide
The Resource Exfiltration Project: Findings from DOD Cases 1985-2017


PERSEREC BLUF: Bottom Line Up Front

Volume 3
Issue 10: Incels
Issue 9: Bystander Effect
Issue 8: Critical Thinking
Issue 7: Data Fallacies
Issue 6: Groupthink
Issue 5: Unintentional Insider Threat
Issue 4: De-Escalation Strategies
Issue 3: Safe Termination Practices
Issue 2: Radicalization
Issue 1: Deception Detection

Volume 2
Issue 11: Cultural Intelligence
Issue 10: Toxic Workplaces
Issue 9: Misinformation (cont.)
Issue 8: Misinformation
Issue 7: Consuming Research
Issue 6: Domestic Violent Extremism
Issue 5: Predicting Human Behavior
Issue 4: Risk Perception
Issue 3: Insider Threat Models
Issue 2: Critical Infrastructure
Issue 1: Cyber Threat

Volume 1
Issue 9: Social Engineering
Issue 8: Reporting(cont.)
Issue 7: Reporting
Issue 6: Cognitive Biases
Issue 5: Detection
Issue 4: Indicators
Issue 3: Prevention
Issue 2: Organizational Factors
Issue 1: Artificial Intelligence

The Insider: The PERSEREC Threat Lab Newsletter

Volume 3
Issue 1

Volume 2
Issue 4
Issue 3
Issue 2
Issue 1

Volume 1
Issue 1


Better Ways To Work Together A Playbook for Developing Personal and Organizational Resilience
Better Ways to Work Together: A Playbook for Fostering Critical Thinking in Workplaces
Better Ways To Work Together: A Playbook for Improving Organizational Culture in Workplaces
Better Ways To Work Together: A Playbook for Understanding and Changing Toxic Workplaces
Risk Communication Playbook for Insider Threat Professionals: The Art and Science of Speaking Up and Being Heard


The Threat Lab: Voices from the Social and Behavioral Science Summit


Counter-Insider Threat Analyst Professionalization Roadmap
Deepfakes and Unintentional Insider Threats (Research Note )
Overview of the Structured Professional Judgment Tools (SPJ) Reference Guide

White Papers

PERSEREC Study "An Evaluation of the Utility of Expanding Psychological Screening to Prevent Insider Attacks"
PERSEREC Threat Lab White Paper Series, Issue #1: Understanding the Role of Behavioral Scientists in Insider Threat Programs
PERSEREC Threat Lab White Paper Series, Issue #2: Communication Insider Threat Risk to Organizational Leaders
PERSEREC Threat Lab White Paper Series, Issue #3: Structured Professional Judgment

Case Studies

Problem-Based Learning Experience for Leaders
Facilitator Guide
Participant Guide
Customizable Slides
Research Note